Is SHEN a medical treatment or psychotherapy?

No, SHEN practitioners work only with aspects of the emotions that occur in the body.  Improving your emotional health may help you physical health, but SHEN practitioners neither offer nor practice medical treatment, psychotherapy unless otherwise qualified to do so.

How do you make your diagnosis?

First visit to a Therapist entails a consultation, and extended interview and treatment.  From this we discuss and sometimes need to recommend the SHEN treatment plan.   All Clinical trained SHEN therapist and interns are committed to providing you with an individual tailored and effective treatment plan for your specific needs. We do not diagnose. The therapist aim is the client’s aim.

Are you using energy when you heal, if so, what is it?

Yes, We work with the biofield; we use the naturally occurring biofield that is in the human body and permeates the physical body.  We use the peripheral biofield flow in our hands to assist the movement of the biofield in the body The biofield is the alive part of all human life, it is our breath that moves the biofield.  For more scientific knowledge refer to our international website www.shentherapy.info  It is within the biofield that we fully experience happy emotions and physically constrict around uncomfortable and painful ones. When the experience is happy we fully feel it and are free with no physical constriction in mind, body or spirit.  When the experience of emotion is a painful one we put up defences and wear a mask, squeezing in around it to keep it under control and keep smiling or so nobody will know we are in emotional pain, the body keeps squeezing and results in physical pain, resulting in the biofield closing off in that particular area.  The biofield flow we use from our hands helps to open up that area allowing the pain to be experienced in the body and dissipate.

How does the Auto contractile pain reflex (splinting reflex) upset our physical bodies?

Contractions caused by painful emotions exert pressure on the organs and glands in the region where the painful emotion is felt, upsetting normal operation.  Notice how your stomach feels when you feel a stab of fear, or how hard it is to breath iyour chest is contracted with grief.  When emotional pain is severe or occurs over and over, it becomes tightly trapped in the bodily region where we feel it and leads to physical disorders that have no organic basis and resist medical treatment.  When painful emotion is cleared from the body these disorders often improve dramatically or end entirely.

Have studies been conducted on SHEN?

Successful pilot studies have been completed on SHEN and migraines, SHEN and premenstrual tension and SHEN and depression.  A large majority in all three reported lasting changes.

How many sessions will I need?

Working with emotional pain we first understand the body’s survival mechanism to stress and physical pain.  Our body cannot differentiate between physical and emotional pain all the body knows is that it hurts. Each time it hurts it contracts like a squeezing action that we call Auto Contractile Pain Response or ACPR. “ACPR is a normal, automatic reflex.  When the body feels pain, it contracts around the pain site. This is true of both physical and emotional pain. When a contraction occurs around emotional pain, it will squeeze the organs in the region of the painful emotion, and they will be unable to function properly.” Pavek., Richard R.  Each new ACPR episode forms in layers around the original pain, just like the layers of an onion.  Physical pain such as arthritis and impact pain is usually eased with one session and cleared with 1 to 3 sessions.  If the emotional pain or stress is recent and not deeply rooted and controlled with ACPR, you could achieve your aim in approximately 1 to 10 sessions.  Pain linked to teenage years or childhood takes that bit longer, then it is a process.  Keep in mind the layers of an onion.

The person receiving SHEN knows when they have achieved their aim or goal

  • when their outlook on life has changed
  • when their physical body is functioning normal as it should be
  • when they are happier and can enjoy what they before did not
  • when they have cleared the pain of trauma or impact from the body and feel energized with the re-emergence of self worth, self esteem, confidence and joy that they once knew, and their body functions properly.

What are SHEN’s origins it sounds Asian?

SHEN is an acronym for Specific Human Emotional Nexus.  SHEN was developed by Richard R Pavek an American scientist and researcher, who worked out the physics of the biofield in 1977 and 1978 over the next twelve years, from his observations in the clinic and in life he developed the principles of emotional dynamics and emotional release that form the basis of SHEN practice.  Historically, methods similar to SHEN were used long ago both in the Greek Healing Caves of Aesculapius and in the Egyptian Per Ankhs, or houses of life.

Does SHEN involve physical pressure?

No, while it is possible for physical pressure to provoke a painful emotion, it cannot draw emotion out or bring it to a successful conclusion.

Is SHEN like Therapeutic Touch or Reiki?

No, our goal in SHEN is not to balance the aura, but to activate the biofield so we can release and resolve trapped, painful emotions.  Our methods are different and we do not channel a universal or cosmic force, or use sacred symbols.

Does ‘releasing my emotions’ mean wild shouting or hitting or kicking?

No, we discourage screaming and other physical activity because, while those activities may exhaust our bodies, they won’t exhaust the emotion.  (Painful emotion does not exit through the throat, hands or feet). To truly exhaust and release the emotion we must first allow ourselves to fully feel its inner effects.  SHEN makes this much easier to do.

Who is the SHEN authority?

The authority to set code of ethics and standard of practice is the international SHEN Therapy Association or ISTA.  When looking for a SHEN Therapist look for MISTA (Members of the International SHEN Therapy Association) to be certain you are getting the best treatment for you and your family and a fully qualified SHEN Therapist.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

Some people would call it a side effect when tears, grief, fatigue, colds or old injury pain emerge during or after a series of SHEN Treatments.  This is not uncommon if these experiences have already been a part of a person’s life. One cannot experience something that is not in the body or that they have not experienced previously in their life.  SHEN cannot put anything into the body or take anything out that is not there already.  SHEN is not a feel nice therapy when one is going through old layers of painful fear, anxiety, anger, shame, lace of self worth, abuse, migraines, bowel issues, menstrual issues etc..   The feel good factor comes after the painful feeling is cleared from the body.  Memories are still there but the feeling is cleared from the body.  For example when one has been abused physically or sexually, the memories are painful because as the memory there is pain locked in the body, when the pain is cleared from the body the memories do not hurt.

Is SHEN related to any spiritual discipline?

The answer is No. For more scientific knowledge refer to our international website www.shentherapy.info  SHEN is for all regardless of spirituality, education, occupation, race, political or religious belief.  Many people report that their meditation practice their spiritual life has awoken and become meaningful after they clear their emotional pain. Dealing with emotions helps all of us to grow in charity and improve our relationships, and so the body grows until it has built itself up in love and light.

What is my role in the treatment?

Your aim or goal in using SHEN is your role.  Allowing and giving yourself permission to go into the pain locked and controlled inside yourself, the pain that is creating havoc and stress for you in your life.  Having courage to get in there and clear it form the body.  Not backing off from the pain as it emerges and letting it control you.  Be determined to get rid of it from the body.  It is your choice.  The therapist is the facilitator. Your aim is the therapist aim.  Helping you achieve it, it may take a short few treatments or it may be a process of working until you are satisfied that you feel good.  When you reach your aim it is recommended that you continue every so often to have a treatment because life continues to bring stresses and SHEN can clear it and help you move forward with ease.

Do I have responsibility myself?

Yes, you sign a form taking responsibility for anything or everything that emerges.  The Therapist will ask you to fill and sign a form which will help you understand that the therapist cannot put anything into your body, or take anything out that is not in there.  You take responsibility for any and all emotions that emerge during SHEN Treatments. The Therapist is there for you to reassure you and help you feel safe in your experience. The therapist will hold all information and sharing with the utmost of confidentiality.

Can something good come out of it even if I don’t get well?

Many report feeling lighter and have experienced something lifted from their body with just one session.  One session may clear all the surface stress, you may feel lighter, more relaxed and less stressed, it also depends on how you involve yourself with your emotions.  The outcome depends on your ownership of your emotions, your willingness to take responsibility for any and all emotions as they emerge. If any emotions are released from your body you will feel them like various bodily sensations, thoughts or memories, you are in charge of your emotions and the speed of  your own healing process.  One treatment will not clear everything.  Many treatments are required if the emotional/physical pain had been carried for 5 to 50 years, this is what we call  a process.  Something good always comes out of lightening the load.  One treatment can and often does bring a person into emotional memory pain they do not want to or are not ready to confront and own, that may be a time to consider a different approach until you are ready.

What do you mean by health?

Everyone has a different understanding about health.  Some look on health as being full of laughter and feeling happy even if his or her body is rebelling and not feeling physically well.  Some feel if they are not physically sick they have good health while their emotional health is sad and lonely and full of resentment.  Good health really means being at peace with you in your heart and mind, loving and taking time to enjoy the earth and things around us

Is pain real or in the mind?

Health and disease are not illusions they are real, for example if you get a pain in your knee it is real.  It is not all in your mind, it is in your knee.  If you get a pain in your belly before an interview it is real pain.  It is not an illusion or all in the mind.

Is SHEN compatible with my religious beliefs?

If you feel it has, it has.  Mostly it will depend on your own learned belief.  In SHEN it is safe for a person to believe it is or it isn’t.  We work to help a person come to a natural conclusion about this themselves through their own growth to self worth, self esteem, confidence, knowing, joy and love, that is naturally inside.  Through that, very often it is not necessary to have to have an answer to this question.