Shen Stories

At close of a SHEN Therapy workshop Bobby wrote the following poem.
A Peom    By Bobby Burke
The breath releases into the air
Eyes closed into darkness stare
I feel a way into my own despair
Feel my body open to feelings bare
Kind hands give a body release
Feel the pain brings body peace
I did not know within was the power
To heal long pass pain this very hour
I raise my body again from the table
Ability, possibility, a new body able.


“…All my life I suffered for post traumatic stress which lead to acute anxiety”…
I just like to say thanks for all the support and care during all my shen sessions, I have done two personal retreats totalling 20 sessions and also some one to one with Deirdre, I  found her very caring and understanding and took great pride in her work.  All my life I suffered for post traumatic stress which lead to acute anxiety because of all the emotions in the body from my childhood and stress built over the years after that.  It was just last year when I lost my job that I realize that my body was telling me something was not right, I was getting very sick, no energy and not sleeping, I also suffered panic attacks.  It was a god send I did loose my job otherwise I think now I would have had a nervous breakdown.  I  didn’t know whats was wrong, I went to the doctor and he prescribe Xanax but  I didn’t take them, then I  went for hypnotherapy and this lead to energy healing.  I started with bio-energy, it was great as it give me a lift in energy but also brought some of the old emotions in the body to the surface, there was days I taught I was going mad.  Then one day I meet Deirdre and she got talking about healing and the therapy she practiced.  I said I’d give it a try and never looked back.  Layer by layer I was shifting old emotions in the body, It was painful but not as painful as carrying all that stuff around me and causing major anxiety on the body.  I have got rid of layers of emotions and it is now deep rooted stuff, it will take life to bring the emotions up, but I know Deirdre and shen therapy is there for me.  I would recommend shen to anyone who is stressed or feeling unreal like me out of the body and in the head.  Thanks Shen and Deidre for giving my true personality back and bring me on a journey of personal growth.” –  BT
Deirdre reply; testimonial 10th July 2014 with permission granted to give initials only, thank you BT it is my privilege to work with you

“…the inestimable therapeutic value of SHEN itself…”  
I can’t recommend SHEN workshops highly enough – there’s the very reasonable cost, warm cosy house, great walks along the canal, friendly like-minded people and of course the inestimable therapeutic value of SHEN itself – Deirdre’s kind patient work and 20+ years dedication to healing others is inspirational and humbling to say the least. Oh, the food’s pretty tasty as well ;-)   Brian

“I have learned a lot and hope to put it into practice”  Seminar testimonial…
“Thank you Deirdre for the wonderful seminar, you are a patient teacher and great with the practical giving and receiving of SHEN. I have learned a lot and hope to put it into practice Thank you again god bless”, Francisca

“…pain in my heart…relationship difficulties…”
My SHEN Therapist helped me rid myself of the pain in my heart. I had a history of relationship difficulties with family, at work and with my partner. I carried the pain deep inside where no one knew but me. I could not reveal it to anyone because I felt no one would understand. I took ten SHEN sessions. During the first six sessions, I experienced a sharp pain in my heart. When the pain dissipated, from underneath the pain emerged heartache, grief, loss, guilt, lack of self worth and shame. When I cleared the pain I felt a tremendous lightness. My relationship with family and at work changed for the bester. My relationship with my partner took and new meaning and I began to look to the future. Thanks to SHEN, for the first time in ten years, I hear the birds singing. J.J.

“…stress…back on track”…
After a very stressful two years of moving house, changes with family and work, SHEN therapy helped me get back on track. Carmel Jones

…”I cried a lot…affected my work”…
“Coming to work in Ireland after leaving my family behind was very very sad for me. I cried a lot and it affected my work. A friend brought me to see a SHEN Therapist in Longford. She gave me give treatments on two months. It is amazing what I felt. I cannot explain it. It was so nice and gentle. I cried a lot in the first three treatments, felt very sad , lonely and insecure but then very relaxed. I like Ireland and now I’m happy” L.Y.

…”delivered with care and a nurturing approach”…
“I would thoroughly recommend Deirdre’s SHEN workshop. It was delivered with care and a nurturing approach in a safe environment condusive to learning and experiencing. What is SHEN: Jonathan said SHEN is “A method of hands on healing therapy that frees the body, mind and spirit from trapped emotional material leading to the re-establishment of a persons connection to their true nature”.  Jonathan 2011

… – When your child is sick and you fear…
I feel great after the workshop, full of energy, determination and positivity. Thank you! I wrote recently for the Childrens Medical and Research Foundation in Our Lady’s Crumlin Hospital… It just gives a brief outline of what we went through at the time and where we are now. CMRF have also done a little interview with myself and some footage of Noah which might be on the site soon. We have been through a lot. I needed the shen workshop more than I thought I did. I realise now that I had bottled up a lot of anxiety and fear since Noah got sick, at the time I suppose I couldn’t fall apart I had to be strong for Noah. So, this is just a bit of our story….feel free to share it. Best regards, Maxine. 2011 -

“…SHEN for my migraine…”
“Having personally benefited greatly from SHEN for my migraine and learned about the scope of this fascinating therapy, I have chosen to work towards an Internship and ultimately, hopefully, I will become a certified SHEN Therapist.”

…‘Hollybrook’ house was the perfect place for this workshop…
– a tranquil and nurturing space for the giving and receiving of SHEN underpinned by Deirdre’s teaching which is drawn from many years of practice and the wisdom she has gained during this time. I have come to really value my time in, as well as at, the cradle both for the immediate experience and for the longer term impact which begins to shine through after the processing of numerous memories, images, insights and feelings which play inside my awareness like a reel from an old movie during the course of a session. Four days after the course ended I became conscious of a real increase in my energy levels, my focus and my general wellbeing which has not ebbed since. I very much enjoyed working with Deirdre and each of my fellow workshop participants and I am grateful to all of them for their part in this.” Shona 2011 - ”

…greater clarity and peace to the mind and body…great insight...”
“SHEN is a valuable experience which I feel is somewhat similar to a powerful guided meditation. It has the worthwhile benefits of releasing emotions that may be holding you back and bringing a greater clarity and peace to the mind and body. The workshop really gave me a great insight into the workings of SHEN. It was great to learn how to practice different SHEN sessions and meet and learn with other workshop participants and Deirdre. Thanks to Deirdre and all the workshop participants” Ruth 2010

 “Having suffered…degree of anxiety or depression for most of my adult life…
“I attended a 5-day SHEN therapy workshop as I was intrigued by the apparent mix of old fashioned hands-on healing and modern scientific investigation that addresses health through emotional well-being. The initial sessions were very relaxing as gradually I could feel deeply held emotions bubbling up towards the surface. I felt lighter once these had been cleared and since then my emotional life has become much more fluid and open. Having suffered from some degree of anxiety or depression for most of my adult life it is great to be finally rid of these debilitating feelings and to experience a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence. I have found SHEN therapy workshops to be a safe and powerful way of working with emotional issues (conscious or otherwise) that affect my life, freeing up my energies and broadening my experience.” Brian 2010

“…I am allowing myself to think less and feel more”...
My recent SHEN Workshop was a very rewarding and positive experience. After my mind finally allowed itself to let go I was truly surprised at how my body responded to the treatments. I also really enjoyed giving SHEN to help others on their own journey. Deirdre is an excellent teacher who creates a very warm, safe and supportive space for letting go. Since the workshop I am allowing myself to think less and feel more. I am really grateful to have found SHEN and am already looking forward to my next Workshop! Thanks Deirdre for all your encouragement and support. Karen

“…gift to give to others and take it for ourselves”
“It was a great week and fulfilled with blessings, joy, sadness, respect and sharing with one other. But the most important was, that we discovered to take a gift… Take LOVE from nearly unknown people! How beautiful is this gift to give to others and take it for ourselves for growing and existing in the future. Thanks soooo much for your work, your time and your encouragement to do so in this blessed and patient way.” Doris. From Germany 

“my life has changed for the better”…
I’ve seen the most amazing changes in my life due to SHEN, especially on the workshops. JK Mercy Sister 2008

 ” struggling with some form of depression…tears that were often bottled up from years…
My name is Joe and after struggling with some form of depression, which was causing much emotional pain in my life and work, I was introduced to SHEN. I was skeptical at first but after and initial session I was amazed at the results. Some of the tension and frustration seemed to clear. Then after I attended a five-day workshop I felt much lighter and more at peace with myself. The gentle therapy helped me to revisit and heal some emotional trauma that was linked to experiences in my childhood. Facing the pain of my past under the caring encouragement of the therapist brought up much emotion and above all helped me to release the tears that were often bottled up from years of “crying on the inside”. Reflecting on the process of SHEN I feel that the experience for me was spiritual and graced with the healing power of God. Something I read recently by Thomas Keating, a famous Cistercian monk, writing about contemplative prayer expresses something of what SHEN is to me. Referring to Christ as the “Divine Therapist: he writes, “Through this profoundly psycho-spiritual process, the Spirit works back through our personal life history …… We access each level until we come to the bottom where the real source of most of our emotional problems actually is, the fragility of early childhood.” The end result is that I feel better and enjoy my life and work in a way I never did before. The quality of my relationships seems more sincere and I feel a greater emotional strength in my life and work. I am convinced that SHEN is a very accessible therapy that can bring almost instant healing to life. Best wishes for you and your work. God Bless. Joe. 2008

“I’ve tried quite a lot of different techniques…but none have resolved at the core;…low level anxiety for years”
“I can hardly begin to describe how I feel after the SHEN workshop last week. It was an amazing experience, and truly beautiful. The space created was really supportive and safe, and just perfect for growth and letting go. I have to say that life will never be the same again! I’ve tried quite a lot of different techniques for emotional releasing work in the past, but none have resolved at the core; I used to feel better but the issue was still present. After the SHEN, however, I have a feeling of completion and issues have fallen away as though their foundations have finally been removed rather than chipping away at the brickwork. Most noticeable is that my feelings and responses to things have changed. Many situations that would normally irritate me or make me feel anxious don’t, and it’s strange when that emotion just doesn’t come because I’m so used to it, and if something does annoy me now, the feeling is far less intense and fleeting whereas before it would linger on. I feel tremendously better in myself, and am discovering this amazing feeling which must be happiness!I also have more energy and feel more peaceful. Prior to the workshop I experienced low level anxiety for years, probably for as long as I remember, but now I know life is OK, easier and a space has opened up for more ‘positive’ emotions. This is already effecting my relationships, and I can’t stop being amazed by it all! I also feel more present and as though I’m finally here living my life instead of being on the outside watching, and it’s a lot more FUN!. Since the last SHEN workshop, things are just getting better here. The SHEN workshop seems to have shifted stuff which has allowed me to get moving again, and pretty fast. I’ve not been working for a while but since coming back I’ve found my drive again and it only took me two days to find a job and be offered it.” Mya

“…week of healing and fun!”
“Thank you so very much for a wonderful week of healing and fun! I really enjoyed each and every moment of it!! in fact I cant wait for the November workshop!!” C. from Galway