SHEN Therapy 7 Day’s workshop 2019

Part A & B combined

SHEN Emotional Healing & Empowerment Workshops

All workshops are offered in a safe and nurturing environment under the care and guidance of a fully qualified Certified SHEN Instructor/Facilitator.

The Workshop Facilitator for the following workshops is Helena Legg (Certified SHEN Therapist/Instructor) For enquiries please telephone or email: Helena Legg on  07783 108 299 or email:

They are specially designed for those searching for a way of letting go of deeply rooted, painful emotions that inhibit life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Over the full course of the workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how emotions work and why they can be so troubling and experience their relationship to the healing properties of the Human Biofield.

This is an intensive experiential Workshop with an emphasis on learning and experiencing the giving and receiving of SHEN Therapy’s unique techniques for emotional release and self-empowerment.

It is advisable for individuals considering attending the workshop to experience at least a double session of one to one SHEN Therapy to give you a sense of what SHEN Therapy can offer you.
You can find a list of Therapists from either of the above website

If you are considering booking for the workshop, it will be helpful to arrange additional couple of days off work after the workshop, to allow quiet time and space for you to continue processing your SHEN table work.

Workshops for 2019

Workshop Date Dateline for Early Bird Discount
Monday 25th  – Sunday 31st March Friday 12th January
30th September – Sunday 6th October Friday 20th July

Additional workshops can be arranged in response to demand


Nazareth House, 169 – ­175 Hammersmith Road, London W6 8DB
Telephone: 0208 748 3549

Workshop Fee: (Inclusive of refreshment and Workshop Manual for New Participants)
First Timer:        £725.00          Reviewers:  £675.00
SHEN Interns:   £565.00          CST             £370.00 (attending as participants for CPD)

Early Bird Booking:  If booked 10 weeks before course dates.
First timer:        £695.00           Reviewers:       £645.00
SHEN Interns:  £535.00           CST                  £340.00
For enquiries please telephone or email:
Helena Legg on  07783 108 299 or email:

For Booking:
Please complete the registration form with deposit payment of £150.00 (non refundable)  to :
Helena Legg
10 Sewell Close,
Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8SB

OR by direct bank transfer (bank details on registration form).

Please book early to qualify for Early Bird Discount and to secure a place.
Balance payment for the workshop to be paid 4 weeks prior to each course dates.

Applicants can also pay the whole workshop fee in one payment, should this be more convenient for you.

Accommodation with Breakfast available at Venue – Depending on Availability
£40.00 per person per night (Only single rooms available)
Please book accommodation through Workshop Leader (Helena Legg)
(Please note that accommodation is fairly basic. The rooms are comfortable and clean, no room service.
If you are looking for more luxurious rooms or need double room, you might prefer to book your own accommodation)

Cancellation by the Workshop Facilitator:

Workshop fees, including deposit paid by participants will be refunded OR
Participants can opt to attend the next available workshop instead.
Cancellation by participants:  Refunds
One month (4 weeks) before course dates – 50% of course fee (excluding deposit – £150.00).

Two weeks (14 days) before course dates –  25 % of course fee (excluding £150.00 deposit).
No refunds offered for late cancellations, from 13 days before course dates.
Cancellation due to unforseen circumstances – will be considered on an individual basis.

Workshop cancelled by participant: The workshop fee can put towards the next workshop dates, attendance has to be within one year of cancellation, after which the whole workshop fee paid is non refundable.

For further information about SHEN Therapy, please search:

International SHEN Therapy Institute: Or








Some participants testimonials after taking Part A

Testimonial  27 September 2015, “…getting to know ones emotional being made easier.” “excellent value for money” from  Mary

Testimonial  27 September 2015, “I found the workshop very beneficial & great for personal development, I have learned a lot about myself… I learned a lot about emotions and where they are felt in the body…” “I found the workshop excellent value for money”  from Bernadette 

Testimonial 28 September 2015, “Taking for Continuing professional development (CPD)  excellent”  from Carmel