SHEN Therapy 7 Day’s workshop

Part A & B 7 day’s workshop 2018


This 7 days SHEN Therapy Emotional Healing & Empowerment Workshops is being held in London  

Workshop Facilitator: Helena Legg (Certified SHEN Therapist/Instructor)   

It is advisable for individuals considering attending the workshop to experience at least a double session of one to one SHEN Therapy to give you a sense of what SHEN Therapy can offer you. You can find a list of Therapists on  or

If you are considering booking for the workshop, it will be helpful to arrange additional couple of days off work after the workshop, to allow quiet time and space for you to continue processing your SHEN table work.


Workshops for 2018

Workshop Date Dateline for Early Bird Discount
Friday 16th – Thurs 22nd March Friday 12th January
Friday 28th Sept – Thurs 4th October Friday 20th July

Additional workshops can be arranged in response to demand


Nazareth House, 169 – ­175 Hammersmith Road, London W6 8DB Telephone: 0208 748 3549


Workshop Fee: (Inclusive of refreshment and Workshop Manual for New Participants) First Timer:    £725.00          Reviewers: £675.00 SHEN Interns: £565.00         CST          £370.00 (attending as participants for CPD)


Early Bird Booking: If booked 10 weeks before course dates. First timer:     £695.00           Reviewers:     £645.00 SHEN Interns: £535.00           CST                 £340.00

For enquiries please telephone or email: Helena Legg on  07783 108 299 or email:

Please book early to qualify for Early Bird Discount and to secure a place. Balance payment for the workshop to be paid 4 weeks prior to each course dates.

Accommodation with Breakfast available at Venue: Please book accommodation through Workshop Leader (Helena Legg)


There is a Cancellation Policy



Some participants testimonials after taking Part A

Testimonial  27 September 2015, “…getting to know ones emotional being made easier.” “excellent value for money” from  Mary

Testimonial  27 September 2015, “I found the workshop very beneficial & great for personal development, I have learned a lot about myself… I learned a lot about emotions and where they are felt in the body…” “I found the workshop excellent value for money”  from Bernadette 

Testimonial 28 September 2015, “Taking for Continuing professional development (CPD)  excellent”  from Carmel