from left: Tony Bailey CST, CSI. along with
Deirdre Leavy Clinical CST, CSI, Mentor. and on right Corona McGurk CST, Mentor

Being a SHEN Therapist is a rewarding career.  It really makes a difference to people’s lives and also allows you have the flexibility to start your own business or work as a therapist in a holistic health centre.  There is a growing network of SHEN Therapists who are there to support and help you in your work.  The International SHEN Therapy Association is a professional body that sets and maintains standards of competency, ethics and practice throughout the world.  It is the sole certifying authority of Clinical Certified SHEN Therapists.

The SHEN professional certification program is an 18 month to 2 year program.  The program is comprised of seminars, workshops and supervised work. Upon acceptance on to the Internship Training program the Intern is assigned a Mentor.


The individual Interns contract is with a Clinical Certified SHEN Mentor who’s job it is to Supervise and oversee the practical application of SHEN in the field and the Intern’s personal growth. The Mentor will contributes to intern motivation, performance, and ongoing training.   The Mentor has authority to modify the requirements as is appropriate for the Intern’s progress through the Program.   The Mentor’s primary task is to be the Intern’s guiding assistant.  Within the Mentor’s role are elements of teacher, guide, confidant, record keeper and confessor.  All are likely to come into play to one degree or another with every Intern. The Intern makes an investment and pays the Mentor for his/her time and expertise.  In each mentoring session Interns will receive guidance and have an opportunity to ask questions about the practice of SHEN.  Mentors prepare Interns to become independent Clinical Certified SHEN Therapist with the highest ethics, standards of practice and professionalism

Overview of program

If you are interested in Training and want to be Accepted into the Intern-ship Training Program  All applicants must complete the  pre-requisite, that is a total of 14 days, Part A and Part B. Taking Part A and Part B twice is compulsory before application.  You have a choice of either  taking 7 day  workshop (see below)  or 4 day Part A, followed by a 4 day Part B. (see below)

The workshop schedule is available in 2 Parts

  • Part “A”  4 Days
  • Part “B”  4 Days 

Both parts need to be taken  a second time to fulfill the prerequisite for going forward to professional level training.

or the alternative to A and B is is to take:  

  • 7 consecutive  day’s this equals Part A&B

 The 7 days need to be taken a second time to fulfill the prerequisite for going forward to professional level training

  • Take part A and B twice to fulfill the prerequisite (previous SHEN workshops may count)
  • Take 7 consecutive days  twice to fulfill the prerequisite (previous SHEN workshops may count)
  • Clinical skills seminar
  • 200 mentored SHEN sessions
  • Advanced Clinical Skills Seminar
  • Graduation