The Therapy

Emotional Health is the Basis of Physical and Psychological Health

Words may not come, words may fail to come, there may not be any words, talking alone may not be enough, your tired of talking then SHEN Therapy may be just what you need. SHEN Therapy is based on physics and physiology. We use the biofield to unlock and clear emotional pain from the body. The Clinical trained SHEN Therapist will unlock and assist the body to let go of emotional pain, stress, mental overload, confusion, anguish, grief and loss. These issues can be a route cause of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, irritability, intolerant, physical issues such as digestive problems, stomach Ulcers,

Make the load lighter with just one treatment. SHEN Therapy is very specific in its aim. First we bring deep relaxation to the physical body, followed by release of stress and emotional and physical pain and  tension from the body and mind.

shen therapy

Irish Independent – “The deepest healing work I’ve ever done”